10 Steps on How to Resurrect YOUR Inner Goddess

July 28, 2018

What is a Goddess Resurrected?

It’s a woman reclaiming her life by strengthening her mind & body. It’s a woman who is confident & free in who she is. It’s a woman celebrating herself without the fear of judgement.

2 years ago I went on a journey that resurrected my inner goddess. At the time I had no idea what I was in for or what would happen within me, all I wanted to do was lose the baby weight I had gained after 2 pregnancies. I was still wearing maternity clothes a year after my daughter was born & felt unsexy.

I was always a very confident woman. I had insecurities, yes, but none like the ones that arose after motherhood. I thought I lacked the time to take care of myself. I put self-care on the back burner & was so judgmental of other moms with nice bodies. I was sad, depressed, lonely and felt like I was missing out on my life.

So what changed? I resurrected my inner goddess and you can do the same.


Here are 10 simple ways I resurrected my inner goddess:

1. I owned my shit!

In order to rise up and make a change you must first look up and see where you are. I thought I didn’t have time to workout or eat healthy. When in reality I was watching hours of the E network & knew everything Kardashian related. I spent my time on the couch because I worked all day & thought I ‘deserved’ it.

2. I made a plan & set specific goals.

I wanted to lose 20 lbs, so I made a plan to follow an exercise routine and meal plan. Setting a specific goal is more than a wish, it gives you something measurable to work towards. I ended up losing over 50 lbs thanks to the goals I set.

3. I made personal development a priority.

Yes, self help books! I thought I was too good for personal development when I started. I thought it was a bunch of rah rah you’re special & unique bull shit, but I was wrong. Personal development nurtured my mind, it taught me a new way of thinking. It taught me about limiting beliefs and what it took to level up.

4. Gratitude

When I shifted my focus from what was wrong to what I was thankful for, it opened me up to love myself again. I no longer took the beautiful moments in my life for granted. Gratitude also raises our vibrations & energy improving our health, relationships, emotions, personality, and careers.

5. Exercise

There definitely is a connection between mind and body. Increasing my activity gave me more energy. It made me feel strong. It helped me practice self discipline. Exercise can boost your energy levels, mood, oxygen capacity, muscle tone and general fitness, best part is it comes with an increase in self-esteem.

6. Nutrition

You are what you eat! Fueling your body with high octane nutrients allows for high level performance. My poor diet sapped me of vitality. I could not release the goddess until I started to eat healthy & fuel my body with nutritious foods.

7. Community

You are the average of the five people around you. I removed toxic people from my life and immersed myself into a community of women that pushed me to be my best self. There’s a saying, “You Can’t Soar Like An Eagle When You Surround Yourself With Turkeys”.

8. I Got Uncomfortable

You need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I set bigger goals. I tried activities I was afraid to start. I stepped out of my comfort zone and my confidence level exploded.

9. Shared My Story

I made it a point to be open about my journey. I wanted to be an example that redemption was possible. If I did it, so can you. This meant, getting uncomfortable as previously mentioned. Sharing my story led to a deeper connection with other women. Our stories can never be taken from us, it makes us unique and relate-able.

10. Paid It Forward

I dedicate time and energy to help other women do what I did. I mentor women on how to raise their confidence & dream bigger. This is my favorite part: seeing other women resurrect their inner goddess. I truly believe that we can change the world, even if that change comes from paying it forward one person at a time.


Before and After Goddess Resurrected

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