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A Black Cloud: 5 Tips On Getting Rid of the Darkness

August 12, 2018

For years I believed I had a black cloud over my head. Don’t get me wrong, there were happy moments, periods of sunshine, but I knew they wouldn’t last. They were actually a sign of bad things to come.  And I was OK with all of it. It made me feel poetic living my tragic life. I was one of the greats up there with Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Janis Joplin.


Do you believe in luck? Is there a force greater than you that has predestined you for a life of misery?


I had many poor habits 2 years ago. My worst was my negative outlook of the world.  One day, I had enough. I have always felt this deep sense of purpose within myself & it was time to figure it out.  Do something with myself. I began to make little changes in my life that had huge outcomes. I decided that I was in control and I was ready to make shit happen.


And something miraculous happened…


The black cloud was gone. Bad things no longer seemed to follow me. I could breathe again.


Others started to notice. Now, I share my story on social media hoping to inspire other women.   I help them reach their goals and make change in their lives. My story is not unique. Many felt they lived with their own black cloud. Apparently, it was commonplace to be doomed.


If you’re still in your dark and gloomy place, no worries!!  We all get a little dark & gloomy, that’s okay, but it’s not okay to stay there.  Need help getting back into the sun?

Below are 5 tips to make your black cloud disappear…


  • Change Your Focus 

    Ever buy a new car and then see that car everywhere?  That’s because where focus goes energy flows. If you consistently focus on what bad shit can happen, guess what, bad shit finds you. Law of attraction, my friend, you attract what you feel.

    Start focusing on the positive things, even if they are minor.  Show gratitude daily. This will raise your vibration and attract more of what you want.  I suggest waking up and showing gratitude for at least 3 things daily.


  • Honor Your Body 

    For years, I treated my body like shit.  My diet was shit, I smoked cigarettes & was surprised that I felt so shitty & tired everyday.  I have lived with chronic pain in my lower back for 20 years and always used that as a crutch to not care for my body.

    I was able to lose OVER 50 lbs by exercising and eating right. It was amazing how much better I felt. I no longer felt rundown and had loads of extra energy.  I literally remembering saying, “Holy Shit, it’s amazing how energetic you feel when you actually eat veggies and shit.”

    Don’t even get me started on the confidence it gave me.  I was fitting into pre-momma jeans and taking selfies on the regular.  Prior to losing weight, I was hiding at home under over-sized sweaters crying poor me.


  • Meditation 

    I started a daily meditation practice. This was something I had always wanted to do, but struggled with.  My mind is so loud and it’s always going a 100 miles per hour. I truly thought mediation wasn’t for me. It started slow, just like I did with exercise and became stronger every day.

    I use a free app, Insight Timer, that has some amazing guided meditations for everything.  I wake up every morning and spend at least 15 minutes a day listening to guided meditations. My 5 year old has even joined me daily & it’s doing wonders for her anxiety!  Decluttering the mind and relaxing in the present is a wonderful gift to give yourself


  • Manifestation 

    This is one of my favorites, visualizing my dreams as if they have already happened & giving thanks for it.  Create a vision of what you want with clear intentions. Believe that no matter what, it will come to you.

    I manifested positive energy back into my life.  I didn’t even realize it when I started but I have been manifesting all my life – dream jobs, money, and even men! So not kidding!  Has something ever worked out exactly the way you imagined it would? That’s manifesting.


  • Do Something You Love 

    Create time for yourself where you participate in a pleasure of life. Whether it be reading, gardening, dancing, etc, as long as it makes your heart happy. It’s important to budget time for you.  

    I know, we all think we’re too busy. I love my personal development books, but I have 2 kids. This means no down time and I also am running an online business.  So I have audiobooks and listen in the shower or when I make the girls their breakfast in the morning. It keeps my mind straight and doesn’t make me feel like I am pushing off the things I love.  By the way, there’s always time for dancing!!!


Bask in the Light

Now it’s time to say goodbye to your black cloud & get over yourself. Your limiting beliefs do not serve you now & never will.   I know bad things have happened & we all have cracks, but the cracks is how the light gets in. Allow the light to filter in and positive energy to take over.

Resurrect Your Goddess.

 Let me know how you got rid of your black cloud. Please comment below, I’d love to hear it.


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